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Pediatric Swallow Evaluation

What To Expect

The pediatric feeding and swallowing evaluation provides support for the child's medical care team, family and early intervention providers by providing:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the child's medical, nutritional and developmental feeding/swallowing needs,

  • A cohesive written plan of the key treatment recommendations and strategies making the biggest difference for the child and family,

  • As requested/appropriate, consultation and follow up with community providers and families for ongoing treatment suggestions using a secure telemedicine connection,

  • Direct therapy and treatment when services are not available; by return visit to the Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Center or in the child's home or preschool setting using a secure telemedicine connection, anywhere the child lives or learns. Click here to meet the pediatric swallowing team

How We Can Help:

Children may have trouble feeding and swallowing for many reasons, that can include medical, developmental or behavioral difficulties. Our team brings together specialists with the breadth of experience and skill to most effectively assess and help coordinate the proper approach fro each child. Here is a list of common concerns and issues we can address:

Failure to advance in food textures

Limited or poor oral intake

Refusal to eat

Poor weight gain or concern about nutritional health.

Gagging, coughing or choking when eating.

Poor sucking or chewing skills

Refusal to eat certain textures or very restrictive food choices

Oral motor or chewing difficulty

Picky eaters

Fear or anxiety related to eating

Problems tolerating tube feedings, gagging or retching associated with tube feeding

Suspected or known problems with airway protection and swallowing (aspiration); coughing, choking or gagging during or after eating, difficult to manage asthma symptoms or frequent upper respiratory infections.