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Frequently Asked Questions about Telepractice

1. What kind of computer will I need? Our platform works with both Mac and PC.

2. My child is very shy. Will telepractice work? Yes, we have found that using our approach has been very effective with children having many different temperaments and learning styles. We have the data to prove it!

3. My child is quite active and distractible. I'm not sure telepractice will work. Telepractice is not for every client. HOWEVER, we have technqiues and materials that can actually be very engaging with the active child needing a lot of stimulation. We ask that you give us a trial session or two to see if it is a good match for your child.

I want to know how my child is doing. How do I stay connected? We can invite you to join your child's session from any computer or mobile device. You can watch without being seen or you can participate. In addition, we will often ask that you send us some authentic pictures to use within sessions. We can email, use phone, or have video sessions to discuss progress. We ask parents to rate our services and they are consistently in the excellent range.

5. How effective is telepractice compared to seeing you at the office? We have been collecting this information since we began providing telepractice. We have presented our findings at several national conferences. Our results with telepractice are as good or better than seeing us in the office. We would be glad to share with you why we think that happens!!

6. How do we get started with telepractice? We use many of the same processes that we would use if you came to the office. You will fill out paperwork (you can print from online or we can send it your way) then fax or mail it back to us. We will call you to confirm you want the service and that you signed the forms. We will seek a referral from your doctor and get that paperwork in order. Once those are in place, we will call and set up a time to begin services.

7. What do I need to have telepractice at my home? A computer, high-speed broadband, and a web cam with microphone (some computers have this built-in).

8. Where do you provide telepractice? We can provide sessions at day care, preschool, public or charter schools, offices, home or anywhere that offers a reasonably quiet space for the service. We only provide services where we are licensed (each state) and where we feel we can offer effective therapy.