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How Does Telepractice Work?

If you have a computer, high-speed internet, a web-cam and microphone, you are all set to connect with us in a telepractice session. We use a web-based approach so there is no need for expensive equipment.

We send you an email invitation. You click on the link provided and this takes you to the private and secure video conference session we have set up for you. Your video and audio will start automatically. You can now see us and talk to us within the session.

Jessica Wilbur providing telepractice

We will bring up on the screen authentic materials created for the session. We will use many different activities to provide each student with the practice needed to build skills within their plan.

We will work with you to use the various e-tools available to create relevant and practical experiences. We provide feedback and listen carefully to hear your impressions of each session.

We always offer in-person services as an option to telepractice. We sometimes use a blended approach where we do some telepractice and some in-person sessions. You will experience high-quality therapy with each delivery service.

Our therapists meet the professional requirements of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for the knowledge and skills needed to provide clinical services by telepractice. We have trained many e-helpers and have teacher and parent testimonials discussing the quality of our services.

Click here for a brochure with more information about speech telepractice.