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National Reputation

"I am impressed by the quality of speech services at Waldo County General Hospital, where nothing stands in the way of excellence. They will be there for you...just like family."

Wayne Secord, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist at
Ohio State University.
Internationally known author of the
most widely used speech-language test
in the United States.

People are often surprised to find the speech pathologists in our small community are soWorking to find solutions to speech problems. actively involved in nationwide activities.

We try to create new knowledge and to increase our understanding of the practical application of research in our clinical practices.

We design approaches to find answers to difficult problems, to form conclusions about our ideas and to share that information with others. We are accountable in providing the best results.

This helps us deepen our understanding about what we do and connects our therapists with some of the best researchers and therapists in the country, to test our ideas and to gain new knowledge.

Diligent About Improving

Waldo County General Hospital welcomes the opportunity to create solutions that improve the quality of service we provide to our friends and neighbors.

The speech pathologists at Waldo County General Hospital would be happy to talk with you about training for your group or organization.

The Places We've Been

Michael Towey presents at ASHA Below is a partial listing of the topics presented over the last several years, developed and presented by speech-language pathologists at Waldo County General Hospital. 

San Jose, CA. Telerehabilitation In The Cloud: Clinical Competencies, Mobile Apps and Web2.0

Columbus, OH. Let's Get Telepractical: Essential Tools & Clinical Competencies

San Diego, CA. Telepractice Results With High Risk Preschoolers: Using a Web Based Approach

Philadelphia, PA Vocal Performance Techniques In Vocal Fold Dysfunction. The Voice Foundation. Care of The Professional Voice

New Orleans, LA Remediation in the Family Context (Programmatic Models). American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Miami, FL Extreme Makeover. Leadership Perspectives In A Successful Early Reading First Program. Seminar. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Providence, RI Belfast Language Intervention Process (BLIP). Third Biennial Meeting of the International Association for Infant Mental Health.

Belfast, ME Digital Laryngeal Stroboscopy & Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing. Waldo County General Hospital.

Wilmington, DE Preventing Professional Vocal Abuse & Misuse. MBNA World Headquarters. Occupational Health Services Annual Conference.

Chicago, IL Occupational Voice Problems Across Professions: Identification and Treatment. Short Course. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Augusta, ME Identification & Management of Swallowing Disorders in Cancer Care. 12th Annual Diana Haney Memorial Cancer Conference.

Philadelphia, PA Straight From The Gut: Clinical Decision Making In Voice Disorders. Seminar. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Monterey, CA Evidence Based Explicit Literacy and Responsiveness To Intervention: A Successful Early Reading First Program. Leading Best Practice In Language And Literacy. A Vision For Excellence and Change. California State University

Miami, FL Management of Vocal Fold Paralysis: How We Do It. Seminar. American Speech Language Hearing Association. Miami, FL.

Denver, CO A Model For Early Childhood Language and Literacy Excellence. 21st METRO Speech Language Symposium.

Rockport, ME Leadership Perspectives: Transforming Early Childhood Settings Into Centers of Language Literacy Excellence. Annual Spring Conference. Maine Speech Language Hearing Association.

Denver, CO Outside The Box: Voice Facilitation and Vocal Performance Techniques. A Unique Treatment Approach for VCD. 3rd Annual National Conference on Vocal Cord Dysfunction. National Jewish Medical and Research Center.

Monterey, CA A Profession At Risk: Speech Pathology In The Public Schools. Key Note Presentation Leading Best Practice In Language & Literacy.

Boston, MA Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement: A Unique Approach. American Language Hearing Association.

Belfast, ME Identifying & Managing Dysphagia for Health Care Providers. Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine.

Boston, MA Transformational Leadership For Speech Language Pathologists. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Saratoga Springs, NY Emerging Trends in Voice Disorders. Establishing A High Quality Voice Center. New York State Speech Language Hearing Association. Annual Conference. Saratoga Springs, NY.

Belfast, ME Introductory Workshop: Autism Spectrum Disorders. Speech Language Pathology Department. Waldo County General Hospital.

Oklahoma City, OK Leadership Skills In Speech Language Pathology. Bethany Public Schools.

Belfast, ME Embedding Explicit Literacy Skills in Day Care Activities: Essential Skills for Providers. Speech Language Pathology. Waldo County General Hospital.

Columbus, OH Coaching Teachers and Leadership in School Literacy. Ohio State Association of School Speech Language Pathologists.

Chicago, IL Leading Change in Language & Literacy: Practical Consultation Strategies for SLPs. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Buffalo, NY Through The Leadership Lens: Charting A Course for Clinical Excellence. Wyndham Lawn Educational Conference.

Orono, ME Speech Therapy In A Virtual World: Evidence Based Practice. Maine Telemedicine Summit.

New Orleans, LA Instructional Leadership In Schools: 101 Ways to Help Children Learn. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Philadelphia, PA  Response to Coaching  (RtC): An Innovative RtI Model. American Speech Language Hearing Association.

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