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Patient Satisfaction

Others talk about quality. The Voice and Swallowing Center creates it.

The Voice and Swallowing Center is serious about commitment to quality and continuous improvement and actively seek comments about services make voice and swallowing treatment better and better.

After each evaluation, everyone is asked to rate the service and make suggestions for improvement.

On average, people rate the service they receive at the Voice & Swallowing Center 96% in highest quality and in meeting their needs.

Of people receiving evaluations, 100% reported their expectations are met and more than 75% told us their expectations had been exceeded.

Here are the results from a recent survey:

Here are a few written comments

"The staff is very positive and an inspiration toward positive thinking and very pleasurable."

"The therapist was wonderful - explained everything so it was understood by me 110%."

"I would recommend your services to anyone that has a voice problem."

"Thanks for going out of your way to find the answers to my questions."

"I had to travel 4 hours from Northern Maine and everything was done so I didn't have to make a second trip." M.F. Presque Isle, ME

"I could not be more grateful to anyone. This therapy got back my life and job. Thank you!" R.D. Augusta, ME

"I appreciate the manner my daughter was treated and that she was encouraged to advocate for her own health." J.C. Falmouth, ME

"I was impressed by the level of one-on-one help I received. Being able to see my vocal folds work by viewing the TV screen was fascinating & contributed to my understanding of my problem." M.S. Rumford, ME

"It was beneficial to not have to wait a long time between visits — The therapist used imaginative ways to illustrate my problem and tailored them to my own areas of interest." C.K. Blue Hill, ME

"Having an understanding of my voice problem greatly reduced my fear of what might be the throat problem." M.L. Portland, ME

"Very informative and helpful." K.B. Belfast, ME

"I appreciated the attention received and being set up on short notice." C.P. Windham, ME

"Wonderful! Very supportive and encouraging with each bit of improvement. The therapists were great." M.Y. Bangor, ME

"My expectations for care at WCGH are always high and always met." L.C. Camden, ME

The Voice and Swallowing Center can be contacted by telephone at (207) 505-4409 or by email at [email protected]