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Technology & Experience

Up to date technology & Maine's most experienced therapists.

Maine's first facility with this advanced capability and a national reputation for quality.

The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine features the state of the art EPK-1000 Digital Color Video Processor and the VNL-1170K Distal Chip Video Naso-Laryngoscope for advanced vocal fold imaging. To see a video of vocal folds in action, click here.

This provides unparalleled views of the laryngeal structure and function. These images allow for powerful patient feedback about vocal fold behavior and often result in rapid changes in voice function and reduction of damaging voice use.

Images of a single vocal fold movement, allowing a high degree of precision in assessing and planning treatment. These precise images assist the physician in planning intervention. Vocal fold image using the state of the art transnasal "chip in the tip" scope — providing unparalleled images of vocal fold function, more efficient examinations and improved comfort. The arrow shows an abnormality on one vocal fold.

It's not just about taking pretty pictures. Results count.

The specialists at the Voice and Swallowing center routinely consult with physicians and speech pathologists from throughout Maine to assist in correct diagnosis and treatment planning for voice & swallowing disorders.

When patients are seen for evaluation at the Voice and Swallowing Center, they receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan to guide appropriate treatment.

Rapid scientific advancements in diagnosis and evolving treatment approaches of voice disorders require large investments in equipment, training and professional expertise — resources not available in most settings.

The Voice and Swallowing Center can be contacted by telephone at (207) 505-4409 or by email at [email protected]