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Leaders in Maine and the Nation

Regular professional voice symposiums are sponsored by the Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine. Featured are our own voice experts and prominent experts from around the world. The symposium is attended by speech-language pathologists and physicians from many different states and Canada.

Pictured are internationally renowned author, surgeon and voice expert Robert Thayer Sataloff, M.D. (left) with Erica Ricker & Michael Towey, Voice Specialists/Speech Language Pathologists at the Voice & Swallowing Center. All three were featured presenters at a voice symposium in Belfast.

Assurance of Quality In Effective Treatment and Evaluation

The Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine
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Identification & Treatment of Voice Disorders in a Fortune 500 Company. Perspectives on Voice & Voice Disorders. American Speech Language Hearing Association. Vol. 14:1. 2004

Working With a Fortune 500 Company. The Voice Foundation Newsletter. Philadelphia, PA. Vol 12:2. 2007

Professional Presentations

Outside The Box: Voice Facilitation and Vocal Performance Techniques. A Unique Treatment Approach for VCD. 3rd Annual National Conference on Vocal Cord Dysfunction. National Jewish Medical and Research Center. Denver, CO. August, 2007

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement: A Unique Approach. American Speech Language Hearing Association. Boston, MA. November, 2007

Exceeding Expectations: Building a Voice Program of Excellence. Short Course. New York State Speech & Hearing Association. April, 2008

Which Road Do We Take? Emerging Trends in Voice Disorders and Treatment. New York State Speech & Hearing Association. Short Course. Saratoga Springs, NY April, 2008

Irritable Larynx Syndrome: Treatment That Works. Maine Speech Language Hearing Association Annual Conference. 2008

Click here to see a video about chronic cough.

Voice Therapy: The 20 Things Every Therapist Should Know. Maine Speech Language Hearing Association. Annual Conference 2008.

Leading Change In Voice Therapy: Restoring Art & Humanity (with Douglas Hicks, Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic). Short Course. American Speech Language Hearing Association. Philadelphia, PA 2010

University Teaching

Voice Disorders. Northern Arizona University. Communication Sciences & Disorders. Graduate Course. Summer Session. Flagstaff, AZ. June, 2008-2010

Voice Disorders. University of Maine. Communication Sciences and Disorders. Graduate Course. 2002-2008

Swallowing Disorders. Norther Arizona University. Communication Sciences and Disorders. Graduate Course. Summer Session. Flagstaff, AZ. 2009-2010


Clinical Correlates of the Voice Handicap Index, Voice Sensation Assessment and Chronic Cough Quality of Life Index in Dysphonia & Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement. (In Press 2011)

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