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Language Literacy Services

Literacy Project HeadstartWaldo County General Hospital's Speech Pathology Department is a national leader in providing parents with instruction and strategies to improve their child's reading skills.

Our therapists are well known and are invited to speak to other professionals at national and state conferences.

We provide direct service and consultation to schools, including those awarded Early Reading First grants.

Our goal is to assist you in understanding and implementing techniques to help your child build literacy skills.

We can achieve this goal with several approaches. You may come with your child to our site and be seen directly by our language-literacy specialists.

If distance or time is a factor, you can videotape a book share session with your child and have us analyze it. With either approach we will provide the following services:

  • analyze the interactions between parent and child during book sharing,
  • provide written strategies and suggestions to improve book-sharing experiences,
  • offer sample book-sharing lessons,
  • provide suggested books appropriate for your child's age and skills,
  • enclose a DVD providing demonstrations of the best techniques and strategies for book sharing,
  • offer access to additional resources and materials through our website.