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Augmentative Communication Services


A parent watches her son express his needs using a TANGOInsurance companies require us to offer extensive documentation of the need for speech output devices for clients.

In addition to the augmentative communication evaluation, a battery of tests is typically required for funding, which include a speech-language evaluation, psychological evaluation, occupational or physical therapy evaluation, audiological evaluation and assessment of visual acuity. A letter of medical necessity and prescription from the primary care physician is also required.

During the augmentative communication evaluation, we evaluate how the person accesses devices, their accuracy, comprehension of symbols, type of symbol preference, voice preference, the need for dynamic display, icon array, and the size of the device. Portability and ease of programming for caregivers are also taken into consideration.

Treatment & Training

Depending on the individual's needs, we develop low-technology communication boards or teach partner-assisted communication.

Our therapists are all trained in low-tech communication devices such as the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and a variety of communication displays and Boardmaker to build individualized systems for children. We provide support in selecting appropriate apps for iPad and iTouch.

Client interacts with iPad.

We routinely program high-technology devices and teach families, caregivers, preschool teachers and other professionals to use systems, including: Prentke Romich (Vanguard, Springboard), Zygo (Macaw), Speaking Dynamically Pro, Gus Inc. Overboard, and Dynavox Systems ( iChat PC, DynaVox V, VMax, MT4). We incorporate the use of the technology in all aspects of a person's life.

LaNae works with a mother and child

LaNae Moline is the department's "aug comm" specialist with 20 years clinical experience.